CSEC Awareness Raising Project 2010-2011

A project summary

CSEC Awareness Raising Project 2010-2011


The project which was enforced from November 1st, 2010 in the state of Banteay Meanchey, Poipet city was done on October 31th, 2011.

The report from our partner organization Children's Committee (CC) and the result of our examination March, 2012 in Poipet city analyze the project.

The administration fund of this project was donated by our supporter in Japan.Thank you for hearty support.


The project name:CSEC Awareness Raising Project 2010-2011

Enforced period:From November 1st, 2010 to October 31th, 2011

Area of the project:The state of Banteay Meanchey, Poipet city



The contents of the project


We offer knowledge about children’s rights and child prostitution problem to the group called CPG(Children Peer Group) which were organized at 20 elementary schools in Poipet. The members of CPG who gained knowledge shared their knowledge with their friends and adults in their community.The main goal of this project is to protect them from child prostitution by protecting their rights.


Offering knowledge to CPG

We taught what kind of rights do they have and what child prostitution problem is. We also taught how to protect themselves from child prostitution.


Holding CPG meetings

We held CPG meeting once a month. The main point of meetings were whether children’s rights are protected or not. CPG made reports of what they did when child’s rights were not protected.


Enlightenment activity by CPG in communities

CPG promoted campaign of child prostitution problem. They told adults,their parents and other children in the community about child prostitution problem and what they learned.


CPG joining other organization’s events

CPG joined events held by other organizations and events of World Day against Child labor,an event that held by other organization.By joining these events,CPG gained more knowledge about child prostitution and they got confidence.


Communicating with other organizations

We communicated with children who are joining scouts and traffic safety activity. We exchanged information about our activities and we made a good bond between those organizations.



We donated some school supply such as school uniforms , books , pens , pencils , erasers to four children who were facing the risk of child prostitution . And teachers and CPG kept an eye on their learning situation and family situation of these four children.



Children's rights and the knowledge for preventing CSEC are spread among children!

Not only CPG, but also other children gained the knowledge of children's rights  and how to prevent CSEC.

☆Their motivation for study are increased!

Some CPG member increased thier motivation for study through the project. Some of them go to junior high school now and said that they want to go to college.

☆CPG member came to tell their opinions to adults!

CPG member came to detect chilren's rights violations (for example adults use violent language against children) and tell it to adults such as teachers.


agenda for the future

★CPG member have little ability to telling thier knowledge.

They didn't often enlighten their knowledge to their family and adults.

It was pointed out to them by other students.

★It is hard to gain parents' understanding.

Some students had difficulty to continue the activity can gain parents' understanding, and weren't able to participate in the activity after school because of parents who have no understanding.

★The economic situation at home is greatly influenced.

70 perecent of CPG members have gone to Thailand to work. Some of them have to go to work for economic reasons such as debt though they participate in the activity.

★Their degree of understanding of Children's rights and the knowledge for preventing CSEC is low.

Staff members couldnnot make up CPG's lowness of degree of understanding, because the project site is far and it was hard to go there many times.